Join the zero-waste movement

We provide restaurants and small businesses with the infrastructure, training, and support to kickstart their journey toward Zero Waste. We manage the administration and behaviour change required for your staff and community to recycle more effectively, manage food waste and reduce waste sent to landfill. 

How it works

3. Meaningful training and education

Through our onsite and online training, we equip staff and students and all key stakeholders with the knowledge and skills to understand the waste problem, what can/cant be recycled and how to recycle effectively to create a real impact.

4. Ongoing Support

To close the loop and ensure sustainable and effective recycling we provide ongoing support through dedicated communication channels, monitoring and evaluation, impact reports and more.

Detailed service features and benefits

We provide onsite separation infrastructure and offer colour-coded bins to facilitate efficient waste sorting. Should you choose, we are able to source the infrastructure that best suits your operations and context. 

We vet and manage recyclers, ensuring their collection services are both cost-effective and efficient.

Our services extend to managing food waste, and ensuring sustainable practices are in place in your kitchen. We vet and ensure collection services are both cost-effective and efficient.

We provide training sessions for all your staff, empowering them with knowledge and skills in waste separation techniques to ensure your system functions as effectively as possible.

We are able to custom-design resources and campaigns to educate your staff and community on the principles of the circular economy and recycling.

We provide consistent support through regular check-ins and reports, ensuring that progress is tracked and areas for improvement are identified.

We establish a dedicated WhatsApp group with key staff members, fostering transparency and accountability in our partnership.

By providing monthly metrics, we offer a clear understanding of the amount of waste diverted during each month, enabling informed decision-making and progress evaluation. These can great resources for marketing and brand PR. 

We offer expert advice on procurement decisions, assisting schools in making sustainable choices that align with their waste management goals.

Through our expertise, we can assist you in reducing your monthly costs on municipal bills where appropriate.

Businesses and restaurants we support

Helping you overcome hurdles

We understand that starting the waste management and sustainability journey can be challenging. That’s why we go beyond traditional methods to make your first step as easy as possible.

Zero Waste Toolkit 1-page Brochure