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The first of its kind in South Africa, our Zero Waste Toolkit is a full service package assisting schools in radically reducing their waste footprint and ensuring you reducing your waste expenses.

Reduce your school waste impact and save money


There is a local and global waste crisis. In South Africa only 10% of waste is recycled and across all major municipalities there is a landfill crisis.

We equip schools with the resources and infrastructure to better manage their waste on campus, and radically reduce the amount of waste they sent to landfill

75% less waste to landfill


A significant contributor to poor waste management is a lack of know-how and education.

Through a comprehensive toolkit of educational resources, the learners and school community will learn how to implement a zero-waste system, why it is important and continue to promote waste-related education.

Effective waste education


Stop spending unnecessary money. By reducing your amount of landfill waste, we help you reduce your municipal bills. Further, we pair you with one of our recycling partners to collect your recycling in exchange for a monthly rebate.

If done effectively you may even be able to start earning a revenue from your waste. 

Reduce your waste expenses

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