Immerse your learners in practical sustainability

The world is changing. Our workshops aim to expose learners to our changing world and equip them with insights, tools and behaviours so that they can engage with it in a positive and meaningful way. 

Workshop and experience offerings

Not on our Soil - A Climate Justice Reality

This workshop is our featured workshop for grade 9-11 learners. A first of its kind immersive climate change learning experience from a uniquely South African perspective. This beautifully curated 5-part docuseries highlights climate change through a range of lenses critical in the functioning of South African society. We engage learners in an action-orientated deep dive into unique South African stories around climate change. Not only will learners understand the deep connections between environmental, social and economic factors relating to climate change, but they will also explore opportunities to take action in their communities and spheres of influence. 

Outdoor education

The New Normal

This workshop aims to bring together a diverse set of voices to share various solution-oriented ideas and approaches with learners around our mental health, environmentally responsible living, conservation and ecological restoration.

Sustainability Institute Tour

This experience aims to showcase a practical application Sustainable Development through a deep dive into the Sustainability Institute and Lynedoch Eco-village. Two examples of environmental, economic and social sustainability in practice. Learners are also exposed to potential tertiary and career opportunities in sustainable development.

Food Security & Permaculture

Tour a newly setup organic farm, with various workshops, provides young minds with an opportunity to engage in the systems that go into organic farming and growing food permaculture style. Learners will practically learn simple tips on how each person can have an influence over their food security and health.

Customised workshops

While we have standardised offerings we also offer and have put together a range of customised workshops for numerous schools. Our customised offerings can be centered around leadership, biomimicry, the Sustainable Development Goals and so much more. We can combine a host of different themes into one workshop. Workshops can also be a half or full school day. 

Future-fit Leadership

The world is calling for a new breed of leader. 

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations SDGs are reshaping the way business and organisations interact with the world around them.  


Nature is not only beautiful and inspiring, but can teach us so much about how we design, plan and create new systems and products. 

Mindfulness & meditation

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of mental health and wellbeing. 

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