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Inspiring the next generation

Engaging workshops designed to inspire.

Our 1-day experiential workshops provide educators the platform to engage their learners in sustainability while meeting CAPS requirements.

design thinking

Based on design thinking principals and processes. Learners are facilitated through a journey of understanding the problem, thinking critically and creatively and inspired to implement their own solutions.

SDG focus

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is the global framework for achieving sustainability. The SDGs are at the center of our experiences.

empathy & active citizen

Our experiences aim to develop empathy with learners and inspire them to become active citizens in their homes, schools and communities.


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Our flagship programme. Learners are taught how to be water-wise, energy efficient, and turn trash into treasure. Learners get their hands dirty as they creatively reinvent, critically analyse, and apply systems thinking to make their homes and schools more sustainable.

  • Triple bottom line
  • Social enterprise
  • Difference between a non-profit and for-profit
  • Creating a social enterprise
  • Sustainable development
  • Economic Management Science (EMS) – Grade 7
    • Term 1 – Needs and wants (Weeks 2-3); Goods and services (Weeks 4-6)
    • Term 3 – The entrepreneur (Weeks 2-3); Starting a business (Weeks 4-5)
  • Life Orientation (LO)
    • Term 2 – The world of work (Weeks 6-8)
Grade 7

** This is dependent of the number of learners.


Our latest addition. Using project-based learning, learners become creative problem solvers, critical and system thinkers to real-world issues through business and entrepreneurship that promotes people, planet and profit.

  • Sustainability, what is it?
  • Eco-bricking, upcycling and recycling
  • Food waste and composting
  • Carbon footprints
  • Redesigning the home
  • Natural Science (NS) – Grade 7
    • Term 2 – Properties and materials (Weeks 1-2)
    • Term 3 – Sources of energy (Week 1)
  • Life Orientation (LO) – Grade 7
    • Term 3 – Health, social and environmental responsibility (Weeks 5-7)
  • Technology – Grade 7
    • Term 3 – Impact of and bias in technology (Recycling scheme for school) 
Grade 5-7

** This is dependent of the number of learners.

Custom design

We understand that your school is unique. Our custom design programmes aim to work with your mission and objectives while fulfilling our goal of inspiring learners on sustainability and active citizenship.


  • Beach clean-ups
  • Food gardens
  • Life Orientation
Grade 5-7

** This is dependent of the number of learners.


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Inspiring Sustainability

Our flagship programme. Learners are exposed to the world of biomimicry, practical sustainability, indigenous fauna & flora and more.

  • Biomimicry
  • Practical sustainability
  • Indigenous Flora & Fauna
  • Understanding connections


  • Geography – Grade 9/10
    • Term 2 (Grade 9) – Development issues
    • Term 4 (Grade 9) – Resource use and sustainability
    • Term 4 (Grade 10) – Water Resources
  • Biology – Grade 10
    • Term 3 – Bioshpere to ecosystems
    • Term 4 – Biodiversity and classification
Grade 9-10



** This is dependent of the number of learners.


EcoVillage Immersion

Our latest addition. Learners are taken on a tour to South Africa’s first mixed-income Eco-village and leading Sustainability Institute in Africa.

  • Eco-Village tour
  • Sustainable Development
  • Organic farming session
  • Sustainability Institute undergraduate degree options
  • Life Orientation (LO) – Grade 10-11
    • Term 1 (Grade 9/10) – Careers and career choices (Weeks 4-6)
    • Term 2 (Grade 9/10) – Social and environmental responsibility (Weeks 4-7)
    • Term 4 (Grade 9/10) – Careers and career choices (Weeks 1-3)
Grade 9-11



** This is dependent of the number of learners.


Sustainability Leadership

Learners are exposed to the SDGs and what traits, styles, skills, and knowledge is required for sustainability leaders and leadership.

  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Sustainability leadership traits, styles and knowledge
  • Patriarchy and balance
  • Actioning leadership
  • Life Orientation (LO) – Grade 10/11
    • Term 1 – Development of self in society (Weeks 1-3)
    • Term 1 – Democracy and Human Rights (Weeks 7-10)
    • Term 2 – Social and Environmental responsibility (Weeks 4-7)
Grade 10-11



** This is dependent of the number of learners.


Schools making the move

“I would not hesitate to recommend Plant The Seed to any other school. A dynamic organisation driven by passionate, determined and motivated individuals.”
– Karen van der Merwe, Herschel Girls School, Department of Life Sciences.

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