Geography (Primary) Curriculum


This primary school package is designed for the Geography subject and includes a wide variety of modules which best align to the subject. These modules greatly assist the teacher in exploring concepts relating to the themes included in the national curriculum – Weather, climate and vegetation; Food and farming; Population growth and change; and Natural resources and conservation.  

The package leaves sufficient space for the teacher to pick and choose modules to use at their own creative discretion whilst also ensuring that the lessons are relevant, innovative and engaging.



Access all of the curriculum (Sustainable Intelligence & Climate Change) that applies to Geography/Social Sciences in primary school (Grades R-7; Ages 5-13)

What’s included in this package?

  •  17 Modules
  •  55 Lesson plans
  • Teachers notes and presentations
  • Learner worksheets, activities and experiments

he Sustainable Intelligence curriculum modules have been beautifully created and designed by our partner EcoRise who have been designing curriculum and staff development training’s for over 10 years. The modules from this curriculum build a foundation for environmental literacy and sustainability knowledge across seven themes: water, energy, waste, food, air, transport and public spaces.

On top of the SI curriculum, the Changing Climates curriculum, designed by our partners ThoughtBox, has been included in this package free of charge.

Lessons include teacher and student resources such as PowerPoint presentations and student worksheets as well as cross-disciplinary connections, assessment rubrics, cultural adaptation suggestions, technology integration, opportunities for differentiation, and community connections and service ideas.

Geography themes aligned:

  • Food & farming
  • Water in SA
  • Weather, climate and vegetation
  • Population geography
  • Population growth and change
  • Natural resources and conservation

Each module includes a spelt out alignment to the CAPS curriculum in the module description. Each module is aligned as best as possible to the subject themes, sub-themes and concepts included in each term.

Modules included in this package:

  • Changing Climates – Grades 1 & 2 (4 lessons)
  • Changing Climates – Grades 3 & 4 (4 lessons)
  • Changing Climates – Grades 5 & 6 (4 lessons)
  • Changing Climates – Grades 7 & 8 (4 lessons)
  • Me, You and Water (3 lessons)
  • How Did I get Here? (3 lessons)
  • Getting Around (3 lessons)
  • My Public Spaces (3 lessons)
  • Green Spaces (1 lessons)
  • The Air we Breathe (3 lessons)
  • My Foodprint (3 lessons)
  • Food for the Future (3 lessons)
  • Earth Waters our Lives (3 lessons)
  • The Importance of Public Spaces (3 lessons)
  • Sensing Air Quality (3 lessons)
  • Transportation Trends (3 lessons)
  • Precious Water (3 lessons)