Business of Social Good


The Business of Social good is an engaging social entrepreneurship curriculum that builds an understanding of sustainable business practices and guides students through EcoRise’s design-thinking process. By the end of the course, students will have developed and be ready to pitch their own business ideas.

Try a free lesson ‘FAIL FORWARD’ from the Free Lesson curriculum package to get a taste.



The Business of Social Good introduces students to social entrepreneurship and design innovation and guides students through a capstone project that challenges students to develop and pitch their own business ideas in service of improving society and/or the planet. The curriculum is aligned to business and entrepreneurship standards, integrates real-world case studies, and explores the latest business strategies and influencers.


  • 24 engaging lessons that employ entrepreneurship, personal development, project-based learning, and design-thinking methods with a range of teaching strategies, including presentations, videos, activities, assessments, portfolio assignments, technology integration, and community extensions
  • Student worksheets that encourage students to document their entrepreneurial aspirations, processes, and inquiries
  • A comprehensive facilitator’s guide that provides tips and strategies to empower you to confidently implement the Business of Social Good program in your classroom


  1. Introducing Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship (4 lessons)
  2. Identifying Personal strengths and Group Challenges (4 lessons)
  3. Exploring the Issue in Greater Depth (4 lessons)
  4. Brainstorming a variety of Solutions (4 lessons)
  5. Choosing and Refining a Solution (4 lessons)
  6. Sharing the Vision (4 lessons)