Not on our Soil - A Climate Justice Reality Free Curriculum

A first of its kind immersive climate change learning experience from a uniquely South African perspective. This beautifully curated 5-part docuseries highlights climate change through a range of lenses critical in the functioning of South African society.

Free Documentary Curriculum Modules

Access free 4-lesson curriculum modules for each documentary episode of the Not on our Soil – A Climate Justice Reality documentary series. These modules have been developed to engage learners in an action orientated deep dive into unique South African stories around climate change. Not only will learners understand the deep connections between environmental, social and economic factors relating to climate change, they will have the opportunity to take action through activities and projects relevant to their communities and spheres of influence. 

Grade 9-11

Learners from grades 9-11 can be exposed to and engaged in these curriculum modules. 

Life Orientation

Life Orientation is the obvious subject to teach these modules. However, there are numerous cross curricula opportunities for teachers willing to go the extra mile. 

Project-based Learning

Each module has a strong project-based learning focus with multiple activities building towards an overarching action orientated project.  

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Intelligence curricula enable you to teach material and build knowledge, skills and values toward achieving the following the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  


Without these partners and funders this documentary series and curriculum modules would not exist and wouldn’t be freely available. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to create immersive learning experiences that engage and drive youth action and participation in climate change and sustainable development action.  

Not on our Soil Curriculum Download

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