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Our team and our curriculum partners work incredibly hard to make sure teachers and learnerss have access to the best sustainability, design, and innovation curriculum in the world. All content, curriculum, lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, and any other associated material (“Intellectual Property”) provided in this online platform, unless expressly notated, is the property of our curriculum partner EcoRise and Plant the Seed Education (“Curriculum Partners”).

Your login information is unique to you and should not be shared with other teachers. Similarly, any materials that you download are for use in your own classroom and should not be shared with other individuals or organizations. Any attempt to distribute the intellectual property of Curriculum Partners will deem your curriculum and training subscription licence null, void, and without refund of programming or access fees.

We thank you for your integrity as you enjoy these amazing resources with your learners! If you know someone who would like access to our curriculum or support resources, they can purchase our curriculum at or email us at for more information. If access is an issue please don’t hesitate to email us.

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