The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

– Aristotle

How we do it


We offer schools the opportunity to realise the full potential of Life Orientation, Biology, and other subjects through the provision of teaching and learning practices that engages problem solving, creativity and citizenship through our facilitated CAPS-aligned experiential learning 1-day programmes. These experiential learning programmes are based of the following fundamentals:  

  • Challenge-based learning – problem solving and utilising the power of technology
  • Teamwork – collaborative paired and group work
  • Critical thinking – deep questioning, discussion, debates, and understanding value-chains
  • Creative thinking – freedom to express and develop solutions to our ecological and social issues
  • Practical learning – games/activities and hands-on application to drive home learning outcomes
  • Virtual Reality Education – coming soon

These elements feed into the adult learning cycle, conducive to learning and thought process change.


While we do have a preferred programme and workshop roll-out and implementation, Plant the Seed Education is flexible and will tailor our programme and workshops to fit the individual needs and time frame of your school. This flexibility is afforded to both our Reinvent and Regenerate programmes.

Rustenburg Girls' High School
Springfield Convent School
Wynberg Boy's High School

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