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High School School Experiences

We offer Schools a Partnership in Sustainability and Forward Thinking Education

Plant the Seed is a learning partner to schools, providing support in co-creating a culture of leadership, sustainability and innovation for nurturing young citizens who are conscious, connected and courageous custodians for our future world. We aim to prepare learners to
engage with a rapidly changing and complex world by providing unique experiences outside the classroom. We offer schools the opportunity to partake in various 1-day/after school programmes which engage learners in holistic, contextualized, real-world experiences of equality, sustainability, innovation and forward thinking.


Why choose us?

Because of our practical and hands-on approach
Because of our engaging and interactive approach
Because of our learner centered approach
Because our facilitators are young, passionate and active
Because of our future-orientated, topical themes and content

Benefits for Schools

The programme assists schools in raising a generation of solutionaries for climate change through working with our group of young dynamic environmental entrepreneurs.


Programme options

One- day during school programme 08:00 – 14:00 (5 hours)
Three- day after school programme 14:00 – 17:00 (6 hours)
Six experiential workshops are implemented in both.

The Programmes

We work with an incredibly diverse, well educated, inspiring, active, and open-minded group of human beings. Each add their unique touch and insight to our workshops, and have each in their own way contributed to the building of Plant the Seed Education.

Sustainability Ethics

Learners are exposed to themes of identity and respect for the enviornment and society. This programme concerns how young wo(men)are subjected to contemporary daily pressures of beauty, identity, and ethics navigate in a world facing a “sustainability” crisis. The Sustainability Ethics Program strives to understand how the personal ethic choices of today’s wo(men) can impact strongly on the natural environment.

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Central themes include
– Relationship between environment and fashion
– Efficiency, freedom, equality, equity and justice;
– Identity, values and self-development

– Life Orientation

Sustainability Leadership

There are growing issues in this world – social, economic, environmental – that are reinforcing each other and cannot be separated. The youth are needing to be placed in uncomfortable spaces to help unpack the problems we face today. This is a philosophical programme that help promotes critical & creative thinking. It aims to help learners to adopt new ways of seeing, thinking, and interacting that result in innovative, sustainable solutions.

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Further information
Learners will find new ways of seeing, thinking, and interacting to act more innovatively and sustainably. Learners will be exposed to the SDGs and what traits, styles, skills, and knowledge is required for sustainability leaders and leadership.

Central themes include
– The role of men in decision making and the problems with a dominant patriarchal society
– Ecofeminism literature
– Systems thinking and complexity science
– Relationships between human life and all life forms and how has this relationship evolved over time
– Activating sustainability leadership – what to do next….

– Life Orientation


Sustainability Sessions

This programme introduces the most significant global environmental, social and economic challenges that face humankind. It provides insight into solutions that youth can learn to solve these crises. We will itroduce important skillsets that will prove to be beneficial to environmental challenges but as well as to one’s e every day life. Skills includes creative problem solving, critical thinking, practical sustainability and collaboration.

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Further Information
Our flagship programme will expose learners to the world of practical sustainability, indigenous fauna & flora, biomimicry and more. There is a greater need than ever to prepare capable young people for futures that are dependent on their own abilities to inspire, build, create and efficiently communicate across sectors.

Central themes include
– Indigenous Fauna and Flora
– Biomimicry and the power of nature to solve humanity’s problems
– Understanding connections
– Upcycling

– Biology
– Life Orientation

Eco-Village Tour

Plant the Seed offers high school learners a tour to South Africa’s first mixed-income eco-village, home of the Sustainability Institute. Learners will be exposed to the world of sustainability and introduced to the recently launched graduate diploma in sustainable development. Pupils will get their hands dirty by planting a food garden and engage in sustainable building & renewable energy workshops.

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Central themes include
– Food garden intstallation
– Permaculture design
– Social innovation and community building
– Reneweable Energy technologies
– Sustainable building materials
– Ecological design

– Life Orientation


Learners are exposed to the realities of climate change and food secuirty. One often does not know where their food comes from and often not exposed to how food systems work and the impact it has on climate change and our health. This dynamic programme enlightens young minds around climate change and food security. They get their hands dirty and learn how to plant a permaculture food garden and start their journey of living more sustainably.

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Central themes include
– Understanding food security
– Understanding Sustainable Development Goals
– Understanding food systems
– Introduction to permaculture
– Composting and the wonders of soil
– Basics of practical permaculture design
– Building food garden
– Infrastructure and Maintenance of garden
– Harvesting and fertility strategies

– Biology
– Geography

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Schools we have worked with

While we do have a preferred programme and workshop roll-out and implementation, Plant the Seed Education is flexible and will tailor our programme and workshops to fit the individual needs and time frame of your school. This flexibility is afforded to both our Reinvent and Regenerate programmes.

“I would not hesitate to recommend Plant The Seed to any other school.”

– Karen van der Merwe, Herschel Girls High School

Rustenburg Girls' High School
Springfield Convent School
Wynberg Boy's High School

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