Immerse your learners in change

Lesson plans and projects to immerse learners in meaningful 21st century learning experiences around sustainability, climate change, entrepreneurship and so much more. Inspire learners as a new generation of leaders, equipped to tackle challenges in their schools and communities and build a just and sustainable future for all. 

We are not just another content provider

The world and our planet is calling out for change. Change for Sustainable Development, just and equitable societies and less harmful ways of being. This requires us to rethink and reinvent the way we live, produce, consume, and dispose as individuals and a society. Our growing library of curricula seeks to equip inundated teachers with ready-made lesson plans and projects for a variety of school subjects and age-groups that immerse learners in this change. Our curricula are innovative, real-world, and inquiry-based, providing learners with practical ways to engage with change and challenging them to create new and innovative solutions for some of the worlds problems. 

Our curricula themes & content

A first of its kind immersive climate change learning experience from a uniquely South African perspective. These modules have been developed to engage learners in an action-orientated deep dive into unique South African stories around climate change. 

Grade 9-11. Free Curricula. 

The foundations for sustainable intelligence, these curricula encompass as many aspects of our understanding of sustainability as possible. Special focus placed on our relationship with natural resources covering seven main themes: water, waste; energy, food, public spaces; transport; and air.

Grade 1-11. 

Climate Change first became global front-page news in the late 80s. 30 years on, we are still grappling to understand it and implement forward-thinking solutions. Understanding Climate Change should be central in schools and curricula. It is vital that we keep approaching Climate Change education with new eyes and an open mind.

Grade 1-11. Free Curricula. 

Biomimicry is the imitation of nature’s patterns, structures and systems for the purpose of solving complex human-related problems. Innovative lessons inspire learners to look at the natural world around us with new empathy and interconnectedness as they use its genius to solve our most pressing sustainability challenges. 

Grade 10-11.

Circular economy, product redesign, reinventing the market day, and more – we have a range of inquiry-based learning term projects for you to explore. 

Grade 6-10.

 Entrepreneurship in Service of People, Planet, Profit is an engaging social entrepreneurship curriculum that teaches sustainable business practices and guides students through the EcoRise design-thinking process so they can develop and pitch their own sustainable business idea.

Grade 7-9.

Built for the 21st century

Our curricula not only covers content essential for change, it incorporates 21st century teaching methods that help learners build 21st century skills and values that empower them to create change around them.

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Our curricula are CAPS aligned and especially ideal for IEB and IB curriculums.  


We offer curricula for each school phase to continuously engage learners year-on-year in developing 21st century knowledge and skills. 


Everything is connected, so why not teach that way. Our curricula provide endless cross-curricula and interleaved learning opportunities . 


Our curricula  can be taught in numerous subjects: Life Orientation and Skills, Geography, Biology, EMS, Chemistry and Physics, Design and Technology.

Customise for your School

We can customise a curricula perfect for your school. You choose what lesson plans and projects you’d like for which grade, phase, or subject for as many teachers as you’d like. On top of this we provide free training and staff development in the curricula you have chosen. 

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