Sustainable Resource Use

This 8-part module challenges the learners to identify a local waste issue in their community/school and develop a contextualised waste campaign to create awareness and action within their community/school. Through this learner-driven process, the learners will uncover the process that most waste undergoes from natural resource extraction to waste disposal. They will link the concepts of waste and natural resources together in the process of developing a waste campaign. 

This module embraces Project-based learning, a methodology which challenges the learners to think outside the box and learn through the process, rather than through information reception. It is relevant and exceptionally engaging for the learners involved. 

What’s included in this module?

Teacher resources8 x lesson plans
3 x presentations
3 x presentation notes
Learner resources1 x workbook
Projects – experimentsProject: Waste Campaign

Module key questions

  • What resources do we rely on and what does sustainable use of our resources look like?
  • What impact do my consumption habits and actions have on our resources?
  • What is E-waste and what are the impacts of mismanaged E-waste?
  • Can you think of a local area that has experienced waste mismanagement issues?
  • What is the broad waste-related problem you and your group are focusing on?
  • Where exactly is this broad problem realised? Or where is it at its worst?
  • Who is involved in the issues?
  • What environmental, economic or social issues does your waste challenge pose?
  • What local solutions to your waste problem exist in your community?
  • What is the message of your campaign?
  • What solutions, both big and small, is your waste campaign offering?
  • How are you strategising to catch the attention of your target audience?
  • How can I best use the feedback received in a constructive manner in making the necessary and correct modifications to my project?

Module alignments

Grade | AgesGrade 6 | 11-12 years
Term n/a
CAPS subjectLife orientation/geography
ThemeResource use and sustainability
Sub-topicsResource use
Sustainable use of resources
Different types of resources
Waste management and mismanagement
Waste solutions and innovations

This Module includes:

  • Aligned content: This content is aligned with: Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) and the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). A key aspect of these modules is their flexibility and customisation across curricula, such as Cambridge and Steiner/Waldorf Education.
  • A range of teaching strategies, skills, and knowledge: The flow of the module has been structured using Project-Based Learning and Design Thinking frameworks. A variety of pedagogical approaches are present between and within each lesson. Learners are challenged theoretically and practically through project and problem-based inquiry of real-world issues.
  • Sustainable development goals: Each lesson is aligned with an appropriate United Nations Sustainable Development Goal(s).
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Module Includes

  • 8 Lessons

Zero Waste Toolkit 1-page Brochure