From Linear to Circular – A Product Redesign

How much do we really know about how the everyday products we use were actually made; or where the material needed is sourced; or who was involved in the processes that brought the product into your hands? This module takes the learners on a journey of unpacking all the details of the processes and resources used in producing, transporting and disposing everyday products.

Learners are tasked with identifying a product they use relatively often, and modifying it to become less harmful on the environment and human health; more local, and to become a part of the functioning and growing Circular Economy.

This project encompasses Project-based Learning and challenges the learners to learn through the process of better understanding how a particular product is made and then attempting to better that to be geared toward a more sustainable future. 

What’s included in this module?

Teacher resources8 x lesson plans
4 x presentations
4 x presentation notes
Learner resources1 x workbook
Projects – experimentsProduct redesign

Module key questions

  • What is our current approach to our production and consumption as individuals, and as a global society?
  • What is globalisation?
  • What is sustainability?
  • What impacts do my actions have on the environment?
  • What product are you and your group redesigning?
  • Where does each component of your product come from?
  • What were the key phases of production in the life cycle of your product?
  • Who was involved in the process of producing and transporting your product?
  • What material goods/resources were used in the full process of your product’s life cycle?
  • What solutions are out there that are a part of the growing and functioning circular economy?
  • From our original Life Cycle Map, where can our group redesign, or include necessary changes and strategies to allow our product to fit into a circular economy?
  • How can I best use the feedback received in a constructive manner in making the necessary and correct modifications to my project?

Module alignments

Grade | AgesGrade 7 | 12-13 years
Term n/a
CAPS subjectLife orientation/geography
ThemeGlobalisation and sustainability
Sub-topicsSustainable use of resources
Different types of resources
Circular and linear economies
Production life cycles
Waste management and mismanagement

This Module includes:

  • Aligned content: This content is aligned with: Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) and the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). A key aspect of these modules is their flexibility and customisation across curricula, such as Cambridge and Steiner/Waldorf Education.
  • A range of teaching strategies, skills, and knowledge: The flow of the module has been structured using Project-Based Learning and Design Thinking frameworks. A variety of pedagogical approaches are present between and within each lesson. Learners are challenged theoretically and practically through project and problem-based inquiry of real-world issues.
  • Sustainable development goals: Each lesson is aligned with an appropriate United Nations Sustainable Development Goal(s).
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Module Includes

  • 7 Lessons

Zero Waste Toolkit 1-page Brochure