Your zero waste journey begins here

The first of its kind in South Africa, our Zero Waste Toolkit is a full service package assisting schools in radically reducing their waste footprint and expenses.

We have a local & global waste crisis

Yet recycling offers numerous financial and legislative benefits for both individuals and companies

Did you know that only 10% of waste in South Africa is recycled? Whether you are a school or a corporate, you could benefit from taking action to reduce your waste impact. Find out how we can help you – from earning a rebate on your recycling to adhering to local and international laws.

What's the solution?

Our Zero Waste Toolkit.

It is a replicable, scalable waste-reduction and circular economy programme that provides schools with the infrastructure, training, and classroom education to recycle more effectively, compost food waste and reduce waste sent to landfills. 



Based in the United States, Eco-Rise is one of our curriculum partners.

With Polyco’s support, Plant The Seed has been able to contextualise and align waste curricula for primary school teachers to access and implement in South African classrooms.


The Greater Tygerberg Partnership are the founders and incubators of the Zero Waste Toolkit. We have partnered with them to scale the service outside of their geographical mandate. 

What's next?

Find out how you can start your zero waste journey with Plant the Seed and the Zero Waste Toolkit.

Zero Waste Toolkit 1-page Brochure