Why now?

Sustainability crisis

20% of the worlds population owns 80%  of the wealth

Every year 13 million hectares of forest dissapear

Ice caps are 40 % thinner then 40 years ago

There will be 200 million climate refugees by 2050


Teachers have no access to sustainability & innovative curriculum, resources and activities

School management lack sustainability frameworks and policies

Outdated pedagogy and learners experiences

alarming south african statistics

SA Youth unemployment: 51.14%

Sub Saharan Africa will be home to more than a quarter of the world’s under-25 population by 2030.

In South Africa alone, 39% of core skills required across all occupations will be different by 2020


Not prepared to be solutionaries to local and global challenges

Not equipped with work place skills for the 21st century

No understanding of sustainability and  its importance for their future

In 2015, the United Nations gathered in Paris to agree upon a climate agenda. The Sustainable Development Goals are included in the legally binding agreement among the participating nations that resulted from this meeting. The nations strive to achieve these goals by 2030.

It is a big task for governments to implement these goals without full societal involvement. Plant the Seed brings these goals to fruition through actionable sustainability efforts.

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