Building the future

Plant the Seed is a social enterprise based in Cape Town, South Africa. We are a leading partner in sustainability and innovative learning. We are committed to empowering learning that develops greater agency, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, systems thinking and active citizenry.

Our Mission
To build a generation of conscious connected and courageous citizens.
Our Objectives
  • To promote systems thinking, creative problem solving and critical thinking within schools.
  • To increase the capacity of youth to engage in sustainable business and influence society’s decisions.
  • To enrich the education process by providing much needed content and context to the real (adult) world.
Our Values
  • Embrace and drive change.
  • Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded.
  • Be open to new experiences.
  • Do more with less.
  • Practice empathy.

The Team

We work with an incredibly diverse, well educated, inspiring, active, and open-minded group of human beings. Each add their unique touch and insight to our workshops, and have each in their own way contributed to the building of Plant the Seed Education.

Managing Director

Hi I’m Mattieu. Born and bred in the deep south of Cape Town, in the beautiful community of Kommetjie. I am a young, driven, friendly, hardworking, and positive individual. Passionate about people, life, the outdoors, constant learning, and seeing ‘the bigger picture’, this in combination with a background in economic development, has lead me to see and understand that education is the key to moving forward to a more inclusive, sustainable and positive future. I am finishing off my Master’s degree in Economic development – my thesis will focus on racial desegregation in South African schools post 1994.

Creative Director

My name is Thomas Chevallier. I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Since the age of 11,  I have been questioning the status quo and asking many philosophical and practical questions like, “Where does our food come from? Why is inequality worsening?” Today, I am a social & environmental activist and entrepreneur passionate about developing a sustainable future. I believe that education is the bedrock of social and environmental transformation and have thus established Plant the Seed.

Education Director

My name is Damien Hewitt, an energetic and enthusiastic educator. I was raised in the lovely Cape, I have centred most of my passions in the outdoors and how we can re-establish our connections with our natural surroundings. After graduating from my PGCE at UCT,  I began re-thinking my own school experience and the way schools execute curriculum and learning opportunities. I started taking a large interest in how schools can become platforms to immerse their students in a more connected and passionate curriculum.

Chief Technology Officer

Hi I’m Denham. I am from Cape Town. I studied for 3 years a BSc in Economics and Computer Science at Rhodes University, followed by a 1 year post graduate Honours in Computer Science from the University of Cape Town. My focus is on utilizing the efficiency, availability and scalability of technology to improve sustainability.

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